Mission and Vision

Love God.

Loving God is something we are constantly learning in two settings: corporate and personal worship.

Corporate worship is essential in the life of a Christian. Through music, scripture, prayer, and giving in a large group setting, we’re reminded that we are not alone in following Christ. By joining with others, we express our belief that the church is one body: the body of Christ.

Personal worship and study is also essential in the life of a Christian. The goal of the Christian life, to become progressively more like Jesus, requires more than an hour or two on Sunday. A daily commitment to reading and studying scripture, praying (listening to God as well as making requests), and engaging in other spiritual practices (disciplines like journaling, fasting, and memorizing scripture) allows God to work in our hearts, changing us from the inside out.

Love Others.

Loving others means focusing on their needs above our own. At Friendship, we concentrate on loving others in two ways, by doing life together in small groups that meet regularly, known as LifeGroups as well as through telling others about Jesus.

LifeGroups help us to live as apprentices of Jesus while on mission with a few friends. Through regular Bible study and prayer, LifeGroups provide accountability, growth, and connection to fellow believers.

We also love others by living on mission. Through leadership development and training, we strive to help everyone at Friendship feel confident and inspired to share the gospel with friends, neighbors, co-workers, and the world!


There is no such thing as a spectator at Friendship because we believe you can’t love God or others without serving! We serve God, serve each other, serve our community, and serve the world through opportunities inside as well as outside the four walls of the church.

Serving inside includes everything it takes to gather hundreds of people in worship every Sunday (child care, music, technical production and guest services) and running the church office through the week (reception, communications, connection, and compassion).

We also have plenty of “Glocal” (Global + Local) opportunities to equip and care for others outside the walls of Friendship. Local efforts target our own community in Athens and Limestone County, Alabama. Global efforts are spread throughout the world.

We hope you find many ways to connect at Friendship!

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